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At·Matrix Abstract Systems Orientation

Welcome to the Matrix! Here's the first draft of reflections for taming the complexity in diverse systems. On these pages, you will find a spectrum of angles for exploring systems analysis, principles of abstraction, pattern processing, cross-domain operation, technology vectors, and lots more.

The At·Matrix Base is a perpetual work-in-progress. As it stands, the main pages are filled in – but most of the sub-pages are placeholders. Please see the Site Map for an overview of all the pages on the site – and also read the Prologue for reflections on the relevance of the major themes in focus.

More input to follow in the course of the summer. Meanwhile, for feedback and reflections, please email to codesatori@gmail.com or drop a line at the project's Facebook page. Site last updated on 2015-03-07. Be well!

Complementary Bits – Polarization and harmonization go hand in hand.