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Technology – Applications and Theory | At·Matrix Abstract Orientation
 ·  Created: 2015-03-06  ·  Type: Overview  ·  Status: First Draft  · 

Technology – Applications and Theory

Technology can be an invaluable tool in taming systemic concerns. Here the focus is primarily on such software designs that can natively work with formalized systems information and provide substantial additional value by engaging and transforming input provided by agents. We will also look at the theory and potentials of programming in relation to systems objects, and at software platforms for engaging the full potential of the systems matrix.

Fields Of Automation – Let the Robots Work!

The section on Fields Of Automation explores possibilities for automatically processing and responding to systems information, for generating additional knowledge, perspectives and accessory resources, and for unearthing latent potentials that might not be accessible – or even conceivable – for a human agent limited by time, energy and habit. Let IT mine it well.

Object Orientation – Programmatic Theory

The section on Object Orientation takes a more technical look at the concept of applied object-oriented programming and processing, the basic types of objects and their construction, their positioning into an abstracted object ontology, their instantiation into particular systems scenarios for analysis, and their use in more abstract modeling to evaluate relational paradigms.

Software Platforms – Beneficial Applications

In the section on Software Platforms, we look at design concepts for software platforms that can either serve individual agents in stand-alone systems analysis and modeling or act as host platforms for agent-to-agent and agents-to-system interaction. Some creation paradigms and ethical cornerstones of importance also deserve to be reviewed towards a healthy future of software-assisted systems thinking and transformation.