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Project Labs and Various Wares | At·Matrix Abstract Orientation
 ·  Created: 2015-03-07  ·  Type: Overview  ·  Status: First Draft  · 

Project Labs and Various Wares

The Project Labs is a window into a spectrum of relevant undertakings past, present and future. Some of them are directly related and readily applicable to the At·Matrix project at hand – and some of them have conceptual overlaps that can be harnessed for good effect, featured as curiosities of possible interest. These will be filled in over the summer, stay tuned.

Work In Progress – Active Laboratorium

The Work in Progress section is an overview of ongoing research and development, also featuring software previews of applications and tools that can be utilized to facilitate and optimize systems related projects.

Concept Vault – Pool of Potentials

The Concept Vault section is a field of ideation featuring concepts of interest with varying degrees of potential and relevance to methodical systems operation – themes for future research and possible development.

Data Sheets – Structured Information

The Data Sheets section is a listing of structured data compilations, both tabular data and relational category trees, that can be plugged into diverse applications or read as-is for structural overviews and perspectives.

Archived Works – Relevant But Retired

The Archived Works section is a reference repository of miscellaneous past efforts that have either retired or are otherwise no longer actively developed. The greater part of what's stored in the archive bin is being reincarnated into the present undertaking in one shape and capacity or another.

Fields Of Interest – It's All Connected

The Fields Of Interest section is a gloss on the domains that talk to me with hints or overt exclamations of potential multi-domain application. These are commonly fields that feature evolved structural dynamics and relational information, yielding themselves to abstraction and versatile application.

Relevant Reading – Leads to Follow

The Relevant Reading section is a compilation of links to topics that are relevant to the present endeavor and should be researched in more detail to uncover vectors of application that can enhance the workings of a comprehensive systems analysis and operation framework.